Someday Box

Because You Know You Want To Write A Book
Joel D Canfield, Getting Your Book Out of the Someday Box

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A Long, Hard LookIt was one of those days when breakfast wanted to be cheap whiskey straight from the bottle.

A short, fat banker. A willowy, buxom blonde. Phil Brennan's latest client is the former. He prefers the latter — until he gets to know her better. She and her family back Brennan into a corner. His only way out is to choose between truth and love.

With this family, there's a third choice, just for good measure.


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James R. Preston, author of the Surf City Mysteries

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Elizabeth Craig/Riley Adams, author of the Memphis Barbecue Mysteries

"There is a new Raymond Chandler in town! Joel D Canfield’s new novel, A Long, Hard Look had me believing Philip Marlow was lurking somewhere in the shadows!"
Alex Zabala, author of Treasure of the Mayan King

You know you want to write a book . . .

. . . but do you know why?

Pathfinding Session and Road Map

Schedule your own Pathfinding Session and together we’ll create your Road Map to success as an author.

Success depends on it.

The right book, for the right audience—for the right reason.

You are not just writing a book. You are launching a Big Idea. You are sharing your lessons learned. You are changing the world.

Together, we’ll seek out the real reason you feel compelled to write a book. We’ll identify who you’re choosing to help, and ensure that the book you create is exactly what they’re waiting for.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Read success stories from delighted writers who’ve already succeeded.

Why You’re Stuck

Anyone can publish a book. Not everyone does. The reason? Lack of motivation.

Oh, yes, you want to write a book. Desire isn’t motivation. Desire can be shoved out of the way by something as simple as the every day challenges of life. True motivation cannot.

Finding a clear understanding of why you should write a book provides the motivation you need to keep writing when it gets hard (and as the author of 9 books I assure you, it will get hard.) Finding why makes what and how become clear. Finding why is the source of true motivation.

Finding why is my specialty as a book shepherd, a guy who gently guides your little lamb safely to fields of green.

Why This Works

Every why is different, and usually not obvious. My talent is to ask questions that lead you to it; to give you the motivation that naturally follows knowing why something should be done.

You are not just writing a book. You are launching a Big Idea. You are sharing your lessons learned. You are changing the world. A printed book is the medium; it’s a souvenir for your fans. This is the reason finding why first is so vital.

Start Now

If you’re ready to write a book that changes how people think, contact me to arrange a free 10-minute strategy session to see how I can guide you to your book. Or, jump right in and schedule your Pathfinding Session to create your Road Map to success as an author. Read the details, and whether you’re ready to leap or feel the free strategy session is a better fit, get in touch.

Still not sure? I’m glad to put you in touch with folks who’ll be delighted to tell you how this worked for them.

Use the contact form or email me at or call our office (you’ll get to talk to my lovely wife Sue) at 715.296.0347.

You know you want to write a book.

Let’s get it out of the someday box.

Start now.