Indie Publishing and Marketing Presentations

Joel D Canfield: Taking the Pain and Mystery Out of Becoming an AuthorBecoming an author shouldn’t be painful or mysterious so I’ve put together presentations to take the mystery out of the process and show you how to painlessly go from idea to published book.

Because I’ve written and independently published 13 of my own books and helped other authors reach the same goal, I can help you, too.

Joel D Canfield: Taking the Pain and Mystery Out of Becoming an AuthorPlease call 715.296.0347, email, or use the contact form to learn more or to arrange any presentation.

Concise, at 20 minutes, or more detailed at 60 minutes, I can deliver an engaging talk via conference call, or, if you’re within driving distance, in person.

Your Story in 12 Sentences: The Ultimate Plotting Tool for Pantsers (and Plotters, Too)

For fiction writers.

Every successful novel, movie, or television program has a story that covers the same 12 plot points. While every story is different, the conceptual elements of story haven’t changed since we first started telling them.

This presentation will give you

  1. what the 12 waypoints are
  2. why each matters
  3. how to create each in a single sentence
  4. and how to write your novel faster and more creativly from those 12 sentences

But I Just Want to Write! (The Magic Formula for Marketing Your Books)

Every author’s dream is to find someone to do their marketing for them so they can just write.

This presentation runs the numbers and shows why marketing isn’t a dirty job to be avoided but a task for which you, the author, are better suited than anyone else.

And it can be fun, too.

Here’s what you’ll leave with:

  1. The single most important tool in marketing your book
  2. A plan to implement that tool
  3. A process to use that tool effectively

Taking the Pain and Mystery Out of Becoming an Author

Here are the take-aways:

  1. My foolproof method to never get another rejection letter: the 15-minute process to become your own publisher
  2. Take the work out of writing: tips & tools to make writing so fun and easy you’ll cherish your writing sessions
  3. Your road map: the 5 steps from idea to published book

This presentation is priceless information for writing groups, small business organizations, and anywhere folks gather who have ideas to share and a desire to learn about the process.