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You don’t need anyone’s permission to write a book. In the past artists and writers of every kind waited to be picked by the gatekeepers. The machinery of commerce decided whether you were allowed to become an author. That’s no longer the case. Right now the tools, equipment and information necessary to write and publish your own book are available. In fact with a little effort and know-how, you can publish your book at no cost whatsoever.

While we still live in an age of gatekeepers, that age is passing. Certainly if you want a traditional publishing deal or record deal, if you want to make a Hollywood movie, you’ll have to be chosen by the machinery of the industry.

If you are an artist, a linchpin, a doer-of-things, I beg you to focus on projects which you can start and finish without needing permission from anyone or anything.

Let’s not confuse permission with assistance though. If you don’t have the skills, for instance, to proofread and edit your book, get help. Produce something professional. When we start projects which are dependent at some point on someone else’s permission to proceed, we give Resistance its most insidious weapon. It is easy to begin a project which we know we can’t be held responsible to finish.

My book Getting Your Book Out of the Someday Box, released on 11/11/11, will give you the nudge you need to get started.

I just read your book, Getting Your Book Out of the Someday Box. I wanted to say thanks.

I have read quite a few similar books in my quest to get my own book (or rather series of books) written and published. Your book is easy to read and unpretentious. I really felt like I was chatting with a knowledgeable friend who does have some knowledge that I need and want.

In short I found it refreshing.” – Lallah

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