Don’t Do This Alone

There are parts of this process you can’t possibly offload to someone else. There are parts you should.

One surprising part you can offload is motivation.

If you had all the motivation you needed (or if motivation was enough) you’d already have a book. “Wanting” is not motivation.

The cost of a paid coach or mentor, along with their professional expertise in nudging, has a solid impact on your motion. If a paid mentor isn’t on the books for you right now, don’t go it alone. Connect with an accountability mentor. You have friends and professional acquaintances who’d be delighted if you asked them to help you get your book done.

A couple points on choosing them:

  1. They need to believe. Somebody once started the lie that having someone tell you you’ll never succeed would inspire you to prove them wrong. Wrong. You do not need a troll, you need a rabid cheerleader who’ll make you believe when you forget to.
  2. They need to not believe. At least, not until they see. Scientific evidence says that when someone says “Good job!” it fills the same slots in our brain as if we’d actually done a good job. Praise can be a powerful de-motivator. Instead, this person needs to keep reminding you that you don’t have a book yet; you will, you just don’t have it yet. When you say brilliant stuff, they need to say, “I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s done.” They need to keep you hungry; hungry and believing.

Schedule regular chats with your mentor. In person is great, because the look on their face is almost as valuable as getting out of your house or office for an hour. Phone is better than email. But do it. Schedule it and stick to it. If you can’t even schedule chatting with the accountability mentor who’s supposed to be helping you hold yourself accountable to yourself, you’re never gonna write a book.

Yeah, I’m for hire. You knew that when you came to hear me speak, or read my blog or this book. Call or email. You’ll never get a sales pitch. I hate sales pitches. You won’t need me to tell you if we’re a match; you’ll know it.

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