Organize What’s Already Written

Gather it all together regardless of format:

  1. print
  2. blogs, emails, website
  3. audio and video
  4. what’s in your brain (for now, jot just enough notes to trigger what you know, but haven’t written or recorded in any format yet)

For each item, consider a couple of categories it might fit into. Write 3×5 cards for each. Start putting stuff into categories.

Some categories will have nothing in them. This may mean you need to create the content for this category. Save this card for step 3. Some stuff, you just won’t be able to decide which of two categories it goes in. Perhaps the categories should be combined? Some categories will be huge. Drill down and create subcategories.

This will be an ongoing process. Don’t pretend you’re going to organize your thoughts and never look back. Get this 80% of the way done and move on.

Order: is there a logical flow to the categories? If not, are there any dependencies? Put stuff in order where order exists.

Where order does not exist or matter (does the chapter on Bob Dylan have to come before the chapter on Tom Petty? order probably doesn’t matter in some cases) choose, arbitrarily. You can always change it later.

There; we’re ready to fill those holes.

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