Successful Writers Have a System

When it comes to business books, I’ve created a systematic process to take the knowledge that’s already in your head and lead you through, one step at a time, to the inevitable finished product: your book.

Here’s an overview:

  1. Expose the whole book. Round up everything that’s already written. It’s probably more than you realize. Establish your reasons for writing a business book. Clearly identify what your desired outcome is and what you’ve already done toward that, and eliminate disorder and confusion.
  2. Bring order to what exists. Organize what’s already written.
  3. Identify gaps, ideas and concepts that are incomplete or missing.
  4. Prioritize the missing bits, and create them.
  5. Mechanical stuff: proofread, edit, format, design, and print.

In my first business book, The Commonsense Entrepreneur, I wrote about chunking: breaking big projects down into the smallest possible pieces. (Remember the joke about how to eat an elephant—one piece at a time?) Making each step small enough and simple enough takes most of the fear and stress out of the process.

Not doing it alone helps, too.

Hire a Guide

You’d never head out into someplace you’d never been, the desert or jungle or mountains, without a guide. If you’ve never written a business book before, hire a guide. It just makes sense.

Like that experienced jungle guide would tell you what equipment to bring and protect you from pitfalls, I’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need. With my system, we put your knowledge in one side and your book comes out the other.

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