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I’ve written 9 nonfiction books. I’m currently focused on writing mysteries which you can read about at my fiction website.

Nonfiction: The Commonsense Entrepreneur | The Commonsense Virtual Assistant | Hits or Niches | Permission Granted | The Time is Now 11:59 | Why We Lead | You Don’t Want a Job | 49 Proverbs of Business Heresy

You Don’t Want a Job

You Don't Want A JobPicture the scene:

Walking along a mountain path, you slip — and go right over the edge. Your hired guide grabs your hand. Whew! Safety.

Then, he starts to slip.

Look into his eyes. Imagine it. This is no lifelong friend, no loved one, no trusted ally. Your only relationship is money.

When he starts to slip, would you rather be hanging from his hand, or hanging onto something with your own?

ISBN: 978-0984094080

“Joel is an excellent writer and is very convincing. Reading this book has prompted me to take steps towards eventually becoming my own boss. If you’re wondering whether breaking away from full-time corporate employment makes sense, you should read this book!”
— Arthur Bingham


Hits or Niches

Why Advertising is Boring, Obnoxious, and Annoying and What You Can Do About It

A spontaneous conversation between two business friends who are sick and tired of marketing that is boring, obnoxious, and annoying. A lively, information-packed (and, we might add, highly opinionated and potentially controversial) book about how you, yes you, can stop boring and annoying your prospects and suspects with marketing which is downright obnoxious.

ISBN: 978-0984094042

“Hits and Niches will definitely change your view on marketing by helping you see prospects and customers in any entirely different light. As a one person business I found the book enlightening and it is certainly having a significant impact on my marketing moving forward. The book is loaded with invaluable tips and should serve as a reference to keep you from forgetting why you’re in business.”
— A. William Benitez


Why We Lead

Conversations on the Scarcity of Confidence and the Nature of Leadership

Why We Lead: Conversations on the Scarcity of Confidence and the Nature of Leadership

Two leadership mentors having a conversation about what drives them to share, to teach, to lead.

Is what we’re doing leadership? What is leadership, anyway? Are leaders born, made, or magic? Is leadership all touchy-feely, is it power and authority, is it conscious or unconscious?

What makes ordinary, often timid or self-deprecating types, step across the threshold from comfort to risk and take it upon themselves to offer guidance to others? We offer some answers . . . and some questions.

ISBN: 978-0984094073

The Commonsense Entrepreneur

The Commonsense Entrepreneur

When I was a kid in Wisconsin, every little stream had a wooden bridge over it. Sometimes one of the boards would rot—but it would rot from the inside, so you didn’t know it was rotten ’til you put your foot through it.

Those of us who choose to create our own businesses are usually pretty good at what we do. You realize, though, that there are things you don’t know. So, you get help, or learn something, or if you can, avoid them.

But what about the things you don’t know you don’t know?

Anyone who tells you they have all the answers is lying. I don’t have all the answers; I just want to be sure you know what the questions are. The purpose of The Commonsense Entrepreneur is to help you ferret out the things you don’t know you don’t know, before you put your foot through the bridge.

It’s more of a “why to” than a “how to”—it deals very much with how people think, including us!

ISBN: 978-0984094004

“If you are an entrepreneur or if you run a small business, you should definitely take a look at this book. It contains tons of useful information and thought-provoking anecdotes. This book can be thought of as a compilation of things every business owner and manager absolutely must know to be successful. Joel’s commonsense approach to business, coupled with his approachable, readable style make this an easy, enjoyable read. Check it out!”
— T. Berarducci


The Commonsense Virtual Assistant

Becoming An Entrepreneur, Not An Employee

The Commonsense Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant industry is growing rapidly. Just about anyone can say they are a virtual assistant. You have a computer, internet access, and the desire to work from home. Voila! You’re a virtual assistant.

But is that enough to succeed as a virtual assistant? Do you have what it takes to run a business?

This 217–page book is designed to help you succeed as a Virtual Assistant.

ISBN: 978-0984094011

“This book has provided me exceptional insight to the virtual professional world. I recommend this to anyone who is considering becoming a virtual assistant. Coupled with Sue’s virtual assistant workbook, she provides step-by-step instruction to starting your own virtual business. Thank you Sue!”
— Deborah Levin


The Time is Now 11:59

Heretical Thinking for Tomorrow’s Business

The Time is Now 11:59: Heretical Thoughts for Tomorrow's Business

After participating in a team effort which saved a certain international garment retailer four million dollars a year and being rewarded with a coffee cup and a pocket knife, I walked out. I simply decided that if I was going to live in poverty anyway, I would rather do work that I enjoyed. I called all my friends and business associates who had been asking me to design websites for them and said ‘I’m ready’. My last year as an employee I earned $24,000. My first year as an entrepreneur I earned $111,000. It’s amazing the business lessons you can learn from $87,000.

I’ve spent most of the last decade expanding and refining the epiphanies which filled that year. This book is just one in a series which I hope takes some of the struggle out of entrepreneurship for others.

ISBN: 978-0984094035

Permission Granted

Create Something Remarkable. Start Now.

Permission Granted: Create Something Remarkable. Start Now.

I’ve waited my whole life for someone to give me permission to do the things I wanted to do.

Many of the folks I talk to are also waiting for permission.

So, I wrote a book to give it to them.

See, here’s the thing: you don’t need anybody’s permission. You don’t. Which means, my permission is as good as anyone else’s, because you don’t need it. That’s the biggest secret in life: you do not need anyone’s permission to be you. You don’t have any choice, so why are you fighting it so hard?

Stop waiting for someone to discover you and proclaim your genius and take responsibility for what you’ve wanted to do all along.

Stop waiting for permission.

ISBN: 978-0984094066

49 Proverbs of Business Heresy

49 Proverbs of Business Heresy

Everyone should make a great living doing something they love.

It’s not just a right (though it is most definitely your right.) It’s a responsibility, an obligation.

Consider: if you’re not doing something you love, are you doing your best work, great work? Not likely.

What if you were? What if everyone was doing stuff they loved and were great at, every single day? What would that do for the quality of the services and products you pay money for? How would that affect customer service and prices?

You should be making a great living doing something you love. The key is changing how we think in counterintuitive ways that cause those ‘aha!’ moments in life.

ISBN: 978-1463708085