49 Proverbs of Business Heresy

49 Proverbs of Business Heresy
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Everyone should make a great living doing something they love.

It’s not just a right (though it is most definitely your right.) It’s a responsibility, an obligation.

Consider: if you’re not doing something you love, are you doing your best work, great work? Not likely.

What if you were? What if everyone was doing stuff they loved and were great at, every single day? What would that do for the quality of the services and products you pay money for? How would that affect customer service and prices?

You should be making a great living doing something you love. The key is changing how we think in counterintuitive ways that cause those ‘aha!’ moments in life.

I can show you how.

Why Heresy?

Heresy is defined as “dissent or deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice; an opinion, doctrine, or practice contrary to generally accepted beliefs or standards”.

Business heretics know that the thinking that created today’s problems won’t create tomorrow’s solutions.

This book, 49 Proverbs if Business Heresy, is a little bit of heretical thinking to get you started. Each of these proverbs is brief enough to be read in a minute or so. I hope they’re useful enough to be remembered much longer than that.

ISBN: 978-1463708085