Hits or Niches

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Why Advertising is Boring, Obnoxious, and Annoying and What You Can Do About It

Hits or Niches is a spontaneous conversation between two business friends who are sick and tired of marketing that is boring, obnoxious, and annoying.

We were having a conversation about our own successful marketing and decided to record it. One conversation turned into four, and after transcription and editing, turned into a lively, information-packed (and, we might add, highly opinionated and potentially controversial) book about how you, yes you, can stop boring and annoying your prospects and suspects with marketing which is downright obnoxious. Yes, that’s the word: obnoxious.

ISBN: 978-0984094042

Why It’s Like This (And How to Change)

When you try to shout your message to everyone, you annoy us all for the sake of making one or two tenuous connections which often fail to produce results.

Stop talking to EveryOne. Instead, talk to One.

One person at a time. Look at it from the other side of the table: which feels better, to be treated like one of the endless herd, or to be treated like the One and Only?

But is it effective? How can it be done without spending the rest of your natural life gathering enough clients to pay the bills? Does it even make sense?

Yes, you guessed it: read the book and you’ll know.

From My Co-Author, Rick Wilson

My passion is performing the best dentistry possible for my patients and doing so in a continually more environmentally responsible manner.

I lead my staff of 7. I felt stalled in reaching out to new patients even though I live Purple Cow thinking. I gave “Free Prize Inside” to my business manager Reese and asked her to have fun with it and come up with something, I was having trouble. She created systems that we all fine-tuned and our new patient referrals have increased dramatically with no traditional external “advertising”. This is [Seth] Godin-style thinking at its best and these are the kind of superb people that I get to lead!

We want to continue to create a truly remarkable patient experience. As we raise the bar, we only want to raise it further. I am interested in ideas on how we can continue this process, especially from those who are from fields of endeavor that are totally different than ours.

I am simply astounded by how much I notice, as I get older I suppose, how many things are just simply done wrong. Examples are as diverse as insufferable automated phone answering systems, using TV ads to explain political candidate’s positions, throwing away lots of plastic (including in the dental office!), things like that. I believe that it is incumbent upon us, when faced with these absurdities, to come up with better ways of doing business. When our “ideavirus” is truly remarkable and spreads and improves the world around us, then we have accomplished something worthwhile. My goal is to improve my business every day in this manner; whenever the old way of doing things seems wrong, I intend to replace it with a better way.

I was raised as we all were on the idea of the hit being the goal. You’re always trying to become the hit where you’re filled to the maximum, where you grow your business as large as you can. That’s the ultimate goal that’s presented to us.

To do so you have to appeal to everyone. But to get there you have to sand off a lot of edges and make stuff rather average to appeal to so many people.

Talking to everyone was effective when I grew up because you could certainly buy enough air time or enough advertising. There’s much more choice than there ever was and a huge number of places consumers can go to be distracted now. The challenge to anyone growing a business is, how do you talk to everyone?

What I’ve found in my own business is that you really can’t effectively. We tried a number of campaigns in the past ten years and essentially none of them ever really worked.

My sample size is not just one. When you wow them and delight them, make them feel they are the only person in the universe at that point, they are much more liable to refer other people.

As a scientifically trained person I’m not going to reject the information that’s staring me in the face. I see nearly every marketing campaign around me is expensive and failing, yet everything we do that involves very little money but is emotionally engaging is working.