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  1. Awesome. Is there something similar for writing non-fiction? I know it’s totally different, but is there some kind of standard framework or structure that works?

    1. Want to write a nonfiction book that’ll keep readers hooked?

      Follow the same process.

      Split it in quarters: Setup, where you lay the foundation, Response, where you show how previous/other methods fail or fall short, Attack, where you explain why your thesis has merit, and Resolution, where you bring it home. You have to translate what each bit means when switching from fiction to nonfiction, but if you dig deep into a brilliant nonfiction book like, say, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, you’ll see a very similar structure.

      1. That makes sense. As you were describing the 4 sections, I could see that framework in most non-fiction books I’ve read. Thanks Joel.

  2. Joel, I have wondered the same as Rex. I appreciate your answer also. i have a memoir that has me stumped because without the journaling I did during my recovery, there would be no possibility of any memoir. I may have written about this to you before. Other than that to write, i have been working on my short stories with AutoCrit as you’d recommended for editing. I have learned a lot through using the system but don’t understand all the analysis. Anyway, i’m copying this blog to read in comfort.
    Eleanor G.

  3. In my memoir, I am the primary ‘character’. My partner, Fred, is secondary [now my husband] I had doctors and therapists, employers and associates.

    The incident[s] that the recovery covers is about the 2 accidents giving me a M.T.B.I.

    What is the protagonist and antagonist for my story????

    1. It’s traditional in memoir for the person it’s about to be the main character, the protagonist.

      For you, I would assume your injury would be the thing you were working to overcome, but sometimes in life there are even greater forces working to stop us from reaching an even more important goal than physical health.

      But if the point of the memoir is “how I overcame MTBI” then the injury would be the opposing force, the antagonist.

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