Proactive Interactive AntiResistance Support

Any of this sound familiar? Tell you what: I’ll include checkboxes so you can keep track. How many of these have you experienced in your writing life during the past two years?

Never finding the time to write
Making the time but not writing
Dreaming of writing but never getting started
Starting but never finishing
Starting but never finishing that one particular piece; you know the one I mean
Thinking you can do it without help
Thinking you’re beyond help
A love/hate relationship with your writing
Focusing on unhelpful negative feedback and ignoring positive feedback
Focusing on positive feedback and ignoring helpful negative feedback
Wanting to write deep but writing shallow
Writing for others instead of yourself
Writing for money but not treating it like a business
Reading about writing instead of writing
Seeking out feedback before you’re ready
Seeking out the wrong level of feedback
Ongoing health challenges
    Unexplained fatigue (physical or mental)
    Mysterious illness (a neverending or recurring cold or flu)
    Injuries (constant little accidents)
    Addiction of any kind (substance, activities, self-destructive habits)

How many did you check? Type the number right here:

Is it more than zero?

If it is, you’re facing Resistance.

I checked 17 boxes. SEVENTEEN.

I’m facing Resistance.

You’re facing Resistance.

Don’t do it alone.

If you’d like to join me in not doing it alone, watch for my June 1st newsletter.

And if you’d like to start right now, show your fellow writers they’re not alone: post your score as a comment below.


7 thoughts on “Proactive Interactive AntiResistance Support

  1. If my math is correct I too checked 17.

    In other words we’ve all been there but at times it feels like we’re the only one. Writing is tough. There is no other way around it. But writer’s are a tough bunch. We keep attacking it and that impresses the hell out of me. That’s why I surround myself with writer’s. I like their style. Nothing slows them down.

    Good stuff as always.

  2. Ahh, this is just (what’s new, I know) hilarious, Joel, thanks.

    I marked about 25 of them :).

    And as usual also, I wonder if I even want to be a writer. If I really wanted to?–I’d bloody be doing it.

    Note: I checked “thinking you’re beyond help”…

    Be back soon!!


    1. I’d say if you marked 25 items on a list of 20, we gotta talk . . . maybe I’ll add one final item:

      [ ] Questioning whether you even really want to be a writer

      But then you might poke me with a stick.

  3. While I only checked 6, I don’t feel like I have any special gifts or talents. All it takes is one of those items to blow a writing project, and I feel like I have 6 too many! Thanks for this exercise Joel.

    1. I think fiction writers probably face more challenges because of the more emotional aspects of the writing. When I was writing business books it wasn’t quite such a big deal. Thanks for stopping by, Larry.

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