Your Author Website: Choosing a Good WordPress Theme

Big fan of WordPress. I use it for all my sites and for Spinhead’s clients’ sites as well. As a writer you’ll note the correct use of apostrophes in that sentence. (See below for the difference between and and trust me, you want to know this.)

Choosing a theme seems to be a massive roadblock to beginners.

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Why You Should Avoid Digital Sharecropping

poor man, poor farmIn the bad old days, some folks were trapped in a poverty-inducing cycle, farming land they could never own. Rich landowners allowed (“allowed” !) tenant farmers to work the land in exchange for a share of the crop. The rich landowner, simply because he owned the land, received a share of the crops as well.

The sharecropper could never make enough to buy the land. The system was designed to keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

Eleven times a week I hear questions about “the best blogging platform.” And I read recommendations of, not only various free blogging tools, but even folks who consider their Facebook page or other social media presence to be their online marketing.

If you don’t own the land, you’re sharecropping, building someone else’s empire.

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Email Notification for Comments

Seems there’s a hitch in my gitalong. Have you subscribed to the comments on a particular post?

Have you received those emails?

I need to know if this is an isolated incident or if my site’s broken. Once I hear real-life anecdotes I’ll decide if further research is warranted.

And tomorrow, there’ll be a real post here; one that’s about you, not me.

photo by Gokhan Okur

Why Authors Must Have a Blog

photo by Melissa Anthony’ve been a web developer for over 15 years, so this is not simply from the perspective of an author, though I have published 10 books so far and show no signs of stopping.

An author without a website and blog is like any other business without a website.

The first place people go for information these days is the web. If you’re considering a new mechanic, and this one has a good website and the other has nothing, don’t you lean toward the one you can find out about online?
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When should I start my author website? What should I put on it?

(Another question frequently asked)

You should start marketing your book the day you’re sure you’re going to write it. Your website is a major part of your marketing.

theatre photo by Herman Brinkman how movies are marketed. A year in advance, sometimes more, teasers start to come out. A website goes up with trivia, bits and pieces.

As the date approaches, the teasers turn into trailers, longer more detailed snippets to suck you in and build excitement, buzz.

Just before the launch is when the big blitz happens, but it only matters because real fans have been talking about it since the announcement a year ago.
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