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Three Ways to Make Resistance Irrelevant and Win the Struggle to Create and Market Your Art

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If You’re Pantsing Without Planning You’re Wasting Time

If you start writing before you know how your novel ends you are wasting time.

Unless you know the ending, once you arrive you won’t have built in foreshadowing. Your characters will have unrealistic inconsistencies. Scenes will make the wrong points. Your theme won’t be emphasized.

You’ll have to go back and rewrite the whole thing to have any hope of making it right.

“Writing is re-writing!” you shout with glee.

And I say, that’s ridiculous.

photo by Shuné Pottier

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Taking a Break Without Breaking Momentum

sea the pauseAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It can make writers collapse in a gibbering heap in the corner, which might also be dull.

Yesterday I was telling you to keep your momentum. Today I’m telling you to take a break. Coping with conflict is part of the writer’s life. Here’s my perspective on how to balance these opposing needs.