Overcome Resistance. Create Great Art.

Writing a book is hard. Resistance wants you to fail.

I will make it easier by giving you tools to make that bully Resistance irrelevant.

Joel D CanfieldI’m Joel D Canfield and I’ve written more than a dozen books and helped many clients write and publish theirs.

It takes planning and motivation to write a book. My Pathfinding Session & Road Map are the best tools I know of to get you started — and get your book finished.

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You know you want to write a book.

Let’s get it out of the someday box.

Start now.

Though I’m primarily focusing on writing these days, I’m still available on a limited basis as a writing coach, indie publishing consultant, and designer.

Why I Do This

Hi Joel,

I just wanted to take a moment to express my many thanks to you for all of your help and patience as I peppered you with so many questions surrounding ebooks, indie publishing, and writing. I felt I was ready to publish my book, but I had no clue what to do next. After reading numerous helpful posts you had on LinkedIn, I could easily see that you loved what you do and that you enjoyed helping others.

I am so glad I reached out to you with those first few questions, and I am grateful you not only took the time to answer my questions (which very quickly went from a few to a few dozen), but you spent the extra time and went above and beyond to keep answering questions, pointing me to other posts/blogs/groups you thought would be good for me to investigate, suggesting books to help me with writing, and all the while offering a most precious gem of encouragement on top of everything else.

Truly, I cannot thank you enough. You are a wonderful person.

Cheryl Campbell, Burnt Mountain Books