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5 Ways to Provide the Fresh Blog Content Your Fans Crave

photo by Andras Deak’ve all seen a teenager open the refrigerator for the thirteenth time hoping miraculously that a pizza has appeared where only broccoli lay before.

There’s a marvelous scene in one of the Crocodile Dundee movies where someone points out that his hotel room has a television. He turns it on saying, “I’ve seen television before.” As the I Love Lucy theme fades in he says, “Yup, that’s what was on”.

Can you imagine if the food in the fridge really never changed or if the show on television was actually always the same?

There are some activities in life which hinge on variety, newness, change, to keep our attention. Eating the same foods over and over again gets boring fast – even pizza.

The single greatest reason for potential fans (which means potential purchasers of your book) to visit your website is to find something new.


Repetition. Habit. Disruption. Pattern.

Looks like I consistently have a hard time posting on Sundays.

When habits fail we look at causes; disruption, patterns, outliers.

Sunday morning my schedule is different from Monday through Friday.

Ah ha!

Except, it’s almost identical to Saturday’s schedule, and I don’t have a problem posting Saturdays.

But I post on Saturday afternoon. And Sunday afternoon ends in supper at my Mom’s, which doesn’t happen Saturdays.

I think I need to dig some more.

What’s disrupting your habits? How does it affect your writing?

photo by Dora Pete

The Hook (#1 of 12 Sentences)

#1 Hook

#1 of only 12 sentences you need to define your entire novel.

The first part of your novel is the Setup. It has 5 missions. Four of them will be covered in tomorrow’s post, but the first is so important it gets its own slot.