11/11/11 = 6/6

On November 11th, 2011 join us for a book release party of epic proportions.

Epic because of the 6/6—we’ll be celebrating the release of 6 books in 6 months.

I’m wildly proud of my two co-authors, both first-timers. Also proud of the fact that I’ve written 4 of these books myself, besides co-authoring those two.

Join Rick Wilson, Shanna Mann, my Best Beloved Sue L Canfield and I in Philadelphia at the London Grill (2301 Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia) for an evening of wild assertions, strong opinion, informational presentations and oodles of books being sold.

This is a rare trip to the east coast for Sue and I so we hope you’ll make the time to join us for a festive evening of fun and friendship.

Here are the six books, some of which are already available (written by Joel D Canfield unless otherwise noted)

Through the Fog—An Irish Mystery

The Time is Now 11:59—Heretical Thinking for Tomorrow’s Business (with a foreword by Rick Wilson)

Getting Your Book Out of the Someday Box

Hits or Niches: Why Marketing is Boring, Obnoxious, & Annoying, & What You Can Do About It (with Rick Wilson)

Permission Granted: Create Something Remarkable. Start Now.

Why We Lead—Conversations on the Scarcity of Confidence and the Nature of Leadership (with Shanna Mann)

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