3 Days Off

Apologies for disappearing. Taking care of a medical issue and didn’t have posts prepared in advance. My goal is to compile enough evergreen posts that we can put something here even on days when I can’t write.

Back on Friday. Unless I surprise us all tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “3 Days Off

    1. Preventative internal inspections which are foisted on males of a certain age. All appears to be well, but we can’t be too careful: send that dog asap. Though if his cask were filled with Kraken Spiced Rum, it wouldn’t go amiss.

  1. Yeah. Sorry, Joel, what an annoying inconvenience…but you’re a better man than I: The every-5-years request from my colonoscopy doctor’s office was sent probably about January of this year IF not earlier. I left it on the desk for several months and finally decided…well, not sure what I decided, but it did go into the waste basket in the late spring.

    So drink your rum when the dog arrives and hoist one for me! hahaaa

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