6,000 Copies Sold: Interview with Author Alex Zabala

Alex ZabalaTreasure of the Mayan King has sold 6,000 copies. Though Alex Zabala claims there’s no “secret”, you’ll see a theme in his answers: persist in doing good work.

You’ve already met him on my Success Stories page so it’s time to dig into Alex’s success. He’s agreed to answer a few questions. For a talkative witty guy, his answers are uncharacteristically brief and informative. Must be the word “interview”, eh?

  1. What’s the one-sentence description of your genre, the type of books you write?
    Action-adventure, like a mix of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler with a pinch of Arthur Conan Doyle.
  2. How many books have you published?
    I have only published one: Treasure of the Mayan King, but I also have a free novella titled The Missing Capstone. See it at my website: www.alexzabala.com.
  3. How many books have you written but not published yet?
    About 8. Some will merge to form one complete book, some will stand alone. There are also other ideas swimming in my head.
  4. Why did you choose self-publishing rather than traditional publishing or vanity/subsidy publishing?
    Traditional publishers are fast becoming like dinosaurs. It’s a brave new world out there in self-publishing, embrace it…love it. There is also the issue that they wouldn’t give me the time of day to look at my manuscript.
  5. Treasure of the Mayan King has sold nearly 6,000 copies. Bravo! How did you do it?
    Rock musician Peter Frampton was asked how he sold millions of albums. His answer was essentially “if I knew what that secret was I would bottle that idea and sell it!” I think my genre, type of books are popular with the audience. Who doesn’t like Indiana Jones?
    1. What formats is it available in?
      E-book and paperback. We will be doing audio books in the future.
    2. What’s the selling price?
      E-books are 99 cents, paperbacks are about 10 bucks.
    3. Have you actually made a profit, if you take into account expenses incurred while preparing it for publication?
      Yes, I have made a profit. My wife is happy my hobby is finally paying off.
  6. Besides writing it, what did you do to prepare your book for publication?
    I proofread my manuscript many, many times over and corrected all the edits from the professional editors.
  7. What do you wish you’d done differently? What would you repeat on the next book?
    Never waste your time trying to promote your book in wrong places. I did that a lot! Never repeat same mistakes, (I made many mistakes) Amazon.com is my main selling portal, 99% of my books are sold there. I will direct ALL of my energies there.
  8. What is the next book? When will it be released?
    The Golden Scepter (TGS) is our next book. I don’t like using this word often but TGS is going to be EPIC! We are delaying the release of the book to do the rewrites and edits because we want an EPIC novel (there I wrote it again).
  9. Can readers sample your book online?
    They can sample Treasure of the Mayan King or the free novella: The Missing Capstone.
  10. What haven’t I asked that you’d like to share with my readers?
    You didn’t ask me if I write Spanish. The answer is yes I do, thank you. I am currently translating TMK and plan on translating all of my works into Spanish, thus exposing my literary works to a bigger audience worldwide!

#5 is what you’re all interested in, right? “How do I sell 6,000 copies?” We dig into that a little deeper tomorrow. (Spoiler alert: I already gave you the answer at the top of this post.)

4 thoughts on “6,000 Copies Sold: Interview with Author Alex Zabala

    1. The Spanish market is the second largest of those languages, but German is also fairly large. Depends just a bit on your subject matter. Alex, writing about Mayan culture, is a natural for the Spanish market.

      If you can do your own translations, publish in every language you can.

  1. Yes, I am anxious to get my first book out in Spanish by June of this year, im 63 percent done. Sorry I didn’t give you a rounded out number. :-)

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