6 thoughts on “And So the Traffic Light Said . . .

  1. I like it so far! The Everybody Loves… posts on the left are great. It’s easy to see the Newsletter sign up as well. It will be fun to see what you do next with the site.

  2. So be in a mood, Joel–whatever you do will be great.

    An interesting notice (via Sue Lynn’s response above) is that ever since that great post Authors Dare Greatly (and note that I didn’t set the title off, meaning all your posts are great, not just THAT one), I remember your having “marketed” the post all over the place right away, throwing the hot potato everywhere. Then–look how your total views per post start spiking way up and keep going!

    Tell me numbers lie, eh??!!

    1. I think I’m going to pick an old but evergreen post and promote it like mad, just to see if I can bump it up to the 500+ views range like that one. Fun experiment.

      1. that’s the Derek Halpern tactic – don’t write so much, promote like crazy the stuff you do write. It works for him.

        But you’re a writer… so write.

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