5 thoughts on “Commitments, Goals, Dreams

  1. I’m with you, Joel. Incremental victories are that: victories. The sense of accomplishment and good footing gained from signing off on—or moving forward in—a “minor” project is tangible. Or when you make tiny gains in a large project, like me making what should be—by Odin’s beard, they should be—the final changes today to the electronic files for a novel.

    I feel good about that. (Won’t go back and double-check again, I won’t, I won’t …)

  2. This, along with all of the adjacent posts around this subject matter, Joel, is fabulous. I love this website so much, just the way it’s laid out, that I sneak on here merely to browse! Maybe you should go into retail as a side project. One of THE best parts of every post is your way with pictures, photos, all of that, and the captions you sometimes put to them. I end up on the floor laughing, which is infinitely enjoyable and gratifying.

    Because I have zero problem with discipline, habits, and parsing-out of my time, I rather assume I just have no interest in writing — because that’s not a habit I have any interest in generating such as you do, and do so well. As you probably already know, if I have actual resistance to doing something, chances are it’s for a good reason. One obviously has to look closely in the mirror if there’s a question about a particular thought or action; but when the light is green, I’ll-be-darn, I’m there. When it’s red, it ain’t happenin’.

    Just thinking out loud here, Joel, don’t mind me!

    Keep up your priceless work here!!!


    1. You’re one of the people I write for, Lynelle; not because you need it, but because you keep me on my toes and nudge me to think and write clearly. It’s symbiosis!

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