9 thoughts on “Commonsense zero-cost DIY marketing for authors

    1. Excellent. Never heard of it. Exactly the kinds of stuff I’m looking for, Mr. B.

      Let’s chat about the process as you do it. I’d like to watch as the flowering unfolds . . .

  1. Have you ever read Carol Tice’s blog http://www.makealivingwriting.com ?

    Based on the uptick I get in post views when I comment there, and the quality of the comments (and their authors), just being intelligently active there would be a good entree to a huge community. Also, a good research resource for these questions! Her CommentLuv widget lets you pick which “recently wrote” gets linked at the end of your comment.

  2. wow, once again I see you’re getting more and more comments and input, Joel, as I get through your recent blogs. Makes me feel good. Just saw now the name of the book you were talking about the other day!–but we haven’t added the word “Humble” in there yet! hahaha

    Anyway. I don’t have anything of substance to add. TONS of philosophies and opinions and input on the whole topic of writing and “not-writing” vs. fear and all those lovely concepts; but nothing on marketing yet!

    Think I’ll email this to you, ’cause this is all the way back on 9/10/13 and I don’t know if you get these responses for old posts..(?)

    1. Yup. Forever and always I get notified.

      Tom and Karen J have been around from Day One. You’ll wanna follow them home and get to know them both. Special smart funny friendly folks.

  3. Thanks, Joel! ;) and Hi, lpaulick!

    I gotta share a random thought on marketing, since I just read your (more recent) post about your “Instant Blog” program…

    *If* (if not, why not?) the author has a blog, put a direct link to the book trailer/promo/announcement post in the header – up there by “Home” and “About Me”.

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