Custom Author Website for $300

We’re considering adding custom author websites to our offerings over at Ausoma.

These would be extremely affordable but worth about ten times what they’ll cost. I have nearly 25 years of experience in web development so I work quickly and efficiently and I love doing this.

For $300 (three hundred dollars) one time cost you’ll get a custom made WordPress site with a blog and as many pages as you need. It will include all the content you provide, text and images, and will be designed to match your book (or whatever color scheme you provide.) Once the site is created you’ll get one round of edits, which includes virtually any changes you like to layout, colors, fonts, text.

There must be a catch, right?

Not really.

What’s not included is the domain name and hosting, which you’ll have to buy from our preferred hosting company Charlottezweb. Domains are $10 per year and hosting is $52 per year. We also provide managed hosting; we charge $25 per year for domains and $125 per year for hosting. Managed hosting means we keep your site backed up, updated, and generally trouble free. It does not include updates, which you can do yourself easily. If you already have a domain name we can use that.

To summarize: a unique, custom WordPress site and blog for $300 plus hosting costs.

I want to do this for one author to work out the kinks before I make this a general offering. Whoever says yes first gets it.

Some of My Work

I’ve done loads of websites over the past 20 years. I haven’t been promoting my web business so my most recent work has primarily been for our own businesses, but there are a few for clients here as well.

This site, of course.

My author site.

Our marketing site, Ausoma.

My music site, tunehenge.

A site for our client, author Errol Barr.

Custom Massage Work, my massage therapist.

7 thoughts on “Custom Author Website for $300

  1. Okay, Joel, I can’t be the first one because I just spent $440 on new glasses, so that I can see so that I can write — in the first place :). Anyway, I do have an old website, as you are aware. It’s WordPress and its domain name is registered was purchased through “” The site was built by my brother-in-law. Now — the questions: I don’t use this site anymore, and it is in some not-so-small part because from the first day, I received Nothing but (and a Lot of) comments that were solely spam marketers; plus it’s always seemed too complex to even work with, in my simplistic opinion. My web builder couldn’t somehow get rid of the spam, and I had no help learning how to fix the many problems with the site, so that wasn’t much fun. Also, it needed rebranding a long time ago, and it’s only recently that I decided to change it all from the extant pages, just rewriting the content without completely disbanding the whole site and starting over. That said!: I still don’t want all of the apparent holes in the site and general inability to even use it.

    So, let’s tawk:

    1. Am I required to switch from to Charlottezweb?
    2. what exactly is “hosting” as it applies to the $52.00/year plan?
    3. It won’t be today :)


    1. 1. Domain name just needs settings changed, doesn’t need to move.
      2. Hosting is the computer space, covered by the $52/year. Not sure I’m answering your question.
      3. Course not. But any time.

      Unasked: we kill spam dead with the tools WordPress makes available. Easy peasy. And managing WP is no harder than email or a forum, so there’s no reason you can’t have a simple, useful, pest-free website.

      1. Dang, thanks, Joel. I’ll be with you on this later, okay? Not a doubt that I’ll switch because I need mentoring on the site.

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