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  1. Okay, Joel, I can’t be the first one because I just spent $440 on new glasses, so that I can see so that I can write — in the first place :). Anyway, I do have an old website, as you are aware. It’s WordPress and its domain name is registered was purchased through “Register.com.” The site was built by my brother-in-law. Now — the questions: I don’t use this site anymore, and it is in some not-so-small part because from the first day, I received Nothing but (and a Lot of) comments that were solely spam marketers; plus it’s always seemed too complex to even work with, in my simplistic opinion. My web builder couldn’t somehow get rid of the spam, and I had no help learning how to fix the many problems with the site, so that wasn’t much fun. Also, it needed rebranding a long time ago, and it’s only recently that I decided to change it all from the extant pages, just rewriting the content without completely disbanding the whole site and starting over. That said!: I still don’t want all of the apparent holes in the site and general inability to even use it.

    So, let’s tawk:

    1. Am I required to switch from Register.com to Charlottezweb?
    2. what exactly is “hosting” as it applies to the $52.00/year plan?
    3. It won’t be today :)


    1. 1. Domain name just needs settings changed, doesn’t need to move.
      2. Hosting is the computer space, covered by the $52/year. Not sure I’m answering your question.
      3. Course not. But any time.

      Unasked: we kill spam dead with the tools WordPress makes available. Easy peasy. And managing WP is no harder than email or a forum, so there’s no reason you can’t have a simple, useful, pest-free website.

      1. Dang, thanks, Joel. I’ll be with you on this later, okay? Not a doubt that I’ll switch because I need mentoring on the site.

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