6 thoughts on “Editing: Finding the Right Words

  1. Great article Joel. You went over 1,000 words, but who’s counting? (lol). But it had to be told in its entirety.

    Tom is a good editor and his prices are market value. I just had him bid me a price.

    I’m thinking of having him do work on The Golden Scepter in October. It’s about 90k words. Time to save my money!

  2. However your point was succinct. The MAIN complaint with self-published authors on Amazon reviews is the editing….or lack thereof. I still can’t believe some of our fellow self-published authors are too lazy to click ‘spell check’ on their manuscripts.

    I understand professional editing is the biggest expense for an indie author book. But it’s a necessary evil. If you REALLY can’t afford to hire a professional, then have peers or friends do it, but just DO IT!!

    1. Good editing is worth every penny it costs.

      But even a minimal check using MS Word’s spelling and grammar check would improve many of the indie books I’ve seen.

      For self-published books to begin to be perceived as quality writing, they don’t need to be as good as traditionally published books, they need to be better.

  3. Joel, I both appreciate the generous mention and the overview of editing distinctions (which is better than the one I tried to give a potential client yesterday).

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