4 thoughts on “Emotions, Motivation, and Your Unconscious Mind

  1. Joel! I can only say, “Good Work!” Good job, mate, this is strong stuff. The way you’ve been delving as deeply as you can (which is bottomless) into this concept/theory/philosophy/whatever of resistance, following its labyrinth to who knows where in the very center of your being — it takes a stunning amount of energy to push into these murky depths and clarify them in one’s own language. AND then to attempt to express all of it in words that others, maybe even everyone, might be able to understand — this, to me, is so noble…there’s just no better activity for the human mind, I think!

    1. Knowing your abilities in the realm of critical thinking, that’s especially encouraging to me.

      I have a super special secret project I’ll be unveiling between now and June 1st you might be interested in.

  2. “But what is [my] unconscious mind protecting [me] from? is the question that’s arousing my emotions. I appreciate how you wrote this article explaining how the parts of the relate to each other.. Very fitting for me and my memoir writing. I know the answer to that question but I don’t know how to get beyond it to make progress with my memoir.

    1. What I do is in that second-to-the-last paragraph:

      have a conversation with your unconscious right out loud. Explain to your unconscious that you understand its fear of change, that you recognize the potential pain and the difficult emotional work to be done. Explain the emotional value of reaching the goal and why, emotionally, it’s worth the struggle. Assure your unconscious that you will proceed with caution where necessary, giving your emotions time to adapt to new perceptions of yourself and to the emotional reactions of those around you.

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