4 thoughts on “Getting Book Reviews: Go to Your Extended Network

  1. Always reach out. For the most part people are helpful. They realize what’s at stake are more than willing to help. Writers are a good bunch. If you succeed we succeed.

  2. I understand how important reviews are. Everyone wants and appreciate a pat on their back for anything they’ve worked had to accomplish. I’m guilty of not giving reviews of books I’ve enjoyed , or not. I feel resistance about how to write a review, that it will sound stupid compared to the ones from prominent sources.. But on the other and, probably a simple line or two on what I liked would suffice. Then I have to get over the hurdle [for me] of navigating Amazon to find where to write the review. (Technologically ‘handicapped’.)

    1. Anytime you’re on the page of something you’ve bought, press the Control Key (CTRL) and the letter F and then type ‘review’ and it’ll help you find where to leave a review on that page.

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