Ginger and the Captain – An Excerpt From an Unpublished Work

GingerThe following is an excerpt from an unpublished children’s story. It’s transcribed from the recording of me telling the story to our Little One. Completely unedited at this point. The illustration is a sketch by Davina Kinney, who just might illustrate the series of 30 Ginger stories I’ve written.

The first Ginger story was about Ginger the Captain’s cat. Ginger lives on a sailing ship and he belongs to the Captain of the ship.

Ginger went everywhere with the Captain of the ship. When they would stop at a port Ginger always rode with the sailors when they went into town and Ginger would always find something interesting to do. He liked meeting new cats and seeing people and looking at what was going on. He enjoyed traveling the world.

Ginger's shipOne time when they stopped in Yokohama Japan Ginger was going for a walk and looking around. They had come in in the morning and Ginger had spent all day looking around Yokohama. But he knew they’d be leaving on the evening tide. As he was heading back to the ship he smelled one of his favorite smells in the world, which is why he loved living on a sailing ship and sailing on the ocean. He smelled fresh fish.

He looked down the alley and there were some men with a cart and they were unloading fish and carrying them through a doorway. Ginger ran down the alley and climbed up on the step to see where they were taking that fish. And all of a sudden another group of men carrying a bunch of fish came in right behind them and he couldn’t get past them. So to get out of the way so he didn’t get stepped on, he went right through the door and found himself in the kitchen of a restaurant.

He scooted sideways and the men didn’t even see him. All the men went through and put the fish into the big refrigerator and Ginger sneaked under a table. The men finished unloading the fish and left and shut the door behind them.

Ginger was looking for a way out and saw a window way up high. He climed up onto a table, which is not a good thing – a cat on the table in the kitchen – that’s not very good. But he climed up into the window and he was looking out the window trying to figure out if there was a way he could push it out when two people came into the kitchen.

It was the chef and his sous chef, his assistant. Ginger sat very, very still. The two chefs started chopping things up and getting things ready to prepare meals and waiters and busboys and other people came and went through the big flapping doors between the kitchen and the dining room. Once in a while when the kitchen door swung open Ginger could see through the restaurant to the front door. It was standing open so people could come in from the warm evening and sit in the restaurant.

So Ginger was wondering if there was any way he could get out the kitchen door and out through the restaurant without anyone catching him. Because it was starting to get dark and he knew the evening tide was soon and the tide doesn’t wait for anyone. And the ship doesn’t wait for anyone – not even the Captain’s cat.

Maybe the next installment will be the rest of the story. Or you’ll have to wait until the children’s book is published.

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      1. Yay! I like stories with ships and sailors…

        Oh, and by the way, I’m reading Through the Fog, slow because I’m always reading more than one book, and I love it!

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