Ginger and the Mouse

This is an excerpt from an unpublished work.

Ginger's shipIt was summer and they were crossing the sea. It was pleasant sailing. There was nothing exciting going on. Which meant that after napping 18 hours a day, Ginger was bored. When he got bored he looked around to see if anything exciting was happening. And if nothing exciting was happening, he looked around to see if he could make something exciting happen.

He knew better than to go into the galley again after accidentally getting locked in a cupboard once. But he walked near the galley. He smelled something. Usually the smells from the galley smelled like foods for people. But this time the smell he smelled smelled like a mouse. He knew a mouse shouldn’t be near the galley.

He followed his nose and moved very quietly. He went down a ladder to below decks and followed his nose some more. He kept going down and down and down. All the way down into the hold where things are wet and dark. He didn’t mind the dark but he didn’t like the wet. But the mice didn’t seem to mind it. Anytime he found mice they were all the way down there.

Ginger didn’t know why the mouse had been up by the galley but he suspected the mouse had stolen some cheese. He thought besides the mouse that he could smell just a little bit of cheese. He looked around and could still smell the mouse and the cheese. He sneaked along quietly. He could smell the mouse — and the mouse smelled him.

It ran straight up one of the rope ladders from the hold with Ginger right after him.

Then the mouse went up from the second deck up to the first deck with Ginger right after him.

The mouse came up the aft ladder with Ginger right after him.

The mouse ran straight down the deck as fast as it could go with Ginger right after him.

They ran between sailors’ feet and the sailors jumped out of the way, shouting at Ginger. But Ginger wasn’t paying any attention. He was after that mouse because that mouse was not going to go back in the galley and touch the Captain’s cheese anymore.

The mouse ran all the way out around the cabin on the front of the ship. Ginger followed him around the cabin.

The sailors stood and watched. When Ginger came back around the cabin he was all alone.

That was one mouse who wouldn’t be stealing cheese from the galley anymore.

Disclaimer: Fiona says a cat eating a mouse is not too violent for a children’s story!

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