Hankering for Hunkering

I need to force myself to take some time off.

I am an obsessive person. Choose your personality type terminology: INFJ, 4 with a 5 wing, or Catalyst. That means I only have two settings: off, and AS MUCH AS THERE IS.

I don’t start a book unless I know I can finish it in one sitting.

When my entire music collection was vinyl, I listened to albums all the way through. I never, ever, skipped songs I didn’t like.

For a while there, when I missed my “daily” blog post, I’d go back and fill it in so there were no gaps.

For years, I considered that a person can live for 4 weeks without food, and wondered how much weight I’d lose if I stopped eating entirely. (I never experimented with this; once in a while, rational thinking and concerns for my personal safety really do trump my emotions. Just not always.)

For the past decade, Best Beloved and I have taken the last week of the year (which contains our wedding anniversary, which happens to be our 10th this year) to analyze the year, note what worked, and plan for the changes in the upcoming.

We’ll be spending a good chunk of that last week in a B&B on the Door County peninsula toasting ourselves in front of the fireplace in our room. We still need our thinking and planning time. Because I feel some tectonic shifts in my thinking, we’re extending our post-mortem/planning time to a full 3 weeks.

During that time, I don’t want to burn creative juice coming up with blog posts, seeking out great newsletter content. Well, I want to. I just can’t. For me, distractions can be fatal to a project.

So, from December 14th through January 5th, you won’t hear from me. No blog posts. No newsletter. No work of the day-to-day type.

But when you roll out of bed on January 6th, you’d best be hanging on with both hands ’cause there’s gonna be a storm.

the calm before

5 thoughts on “Hankering for Hunkering

      1. AH-HAA: I hear that Irish brogue coming on!! Are we practicing for our little sojourn to the country of our ancestors, by any chance, eh??…

        1. That’s be Scots Gaelic. Since you quoted Robert Burns I thought I’d join you.

          My people are, unfortunately, English, but I pretend to be Irish and nobody seems to notice ;)

          1. Well, dang, I didn’t know that!… Feel free to play allll the characters and I’ll sit here happily pretending along, noticing nothing!

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