4 thoughts on “How an Orderly Life Benefits Your Art

  1. This is cute, Joel!

    However, I Dare you to drink a raw spinach and liver shake. Or was it spinach and raw liver. Whatever.

  2. Ah, schedules annoy me too…

    I guess I’m meant to be a disorganized artist, and a messy one. My room is always a mess, as is my writing desk.

    Before Easter, I had an almost perfect writing schedule. I left home for a few days, and when I came back my writing schedule was gone… I’m trying my best to rebuild it now!

    1. Oh, don’t misunderstand, I love being on a schedule. I’m just not very good at it. One of Best Beloved’s upcoming projects is to help me create and implement a reasonable schedule for all the stuff I do.

      For developing habits, start small with a commitment you know you can keep. Promise to show up every Sunday evening for five minutes, for instance. It sounds silly, but small wins have big power in developing habits.

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