How Can I Find Time for My Writing?

photo by adi shpigel more time for writing?

Stop doing other stuff.

Nearly everyone suggest that you can write more by sleeping less. In a society of sleep-deprived zombies, it’s the dumbest advice there is.

We have no choice: if we want to add something to a full schedule, we need to remove something to make room for it. Continuing to pretend we can defy the laws of physics is a losing battle.

I have a dear friend who is a marvelous musician. We love to play music together. Thing is, he is genuinely too busy to play very often.

He has two choices: give up something else, or don’t play as often as he’d like.

He’s a rare instance of someone whose life is filled with things more important than his hobby. He’s made the conscious choice to appreciate all the things he does have in his life, and be patient about his music.

It’s a simple binary equation: either writing is more important than something you’re already doing, or it’s not. Either way, there’s your time for writing.

Easy? Nope. Simple doesn’t mean easy.

6 thoughts on “How Can I Find Time for My Writing?

  1. I often struggle with that question. In fact recently I decided to step away from my daily routine at the gym. I had to ‘give something up.’ The time to workout, drive there and back, shower etc was eating 2 – 3hrs a day. Work was getting busier and if I wanted to write then something had to give. Now I get up and go for good brisk walk twice a day with my German Shepherd.I have my phone available for work when I walk, my dog gets his excersise.

    1. Thanks for the real-world example, Errol. With most of a great beefy trilogy under your belt, you’re not exactly a slacker about writing, but you get it done because you know how to, eh?

      1. I try and set a goal to have my book done and build expectations around that for example, marketing bulletins promoting the release so it makes me somewhat accountible. As I go beyond the goal date it makes me more determined.

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