How Can I Serve You Better?

what can I fetch for you?
what can I fetch for you?
Now that I’m not pushing to write 4,500 words a day or driving 7,000 miles in a month, I’ll be writing more fresh content here.

(I do so enjoy those shouts of joy from the crowd. Thank you.)

What are you struggling with? What’s missing? What are you curious about or confused about?

That’s what I’ll be writing about.

7 thoughts on “How Can I Serve You Better?

  1. I’d welcome a post about author-illustrator interaction. Like “how to hit it off with an illustrator.” How much detail should one send along with the story. Do you format your story first and then give the illustrator specs about size of pics?

    1. Ooh; excellent idea, Christine. I work with an illustrator who is a good artist but new to illustration as a business. I’ll share what has worked best between Davina and I and invite her to join the conversation.

  2. Shouts of joy!

    Humm, I am feeling a bit confused about ebooks, as I have no ebook reader and have only ever read pdf ebooks on my computer.

    My plan is made for the physical version of my upcoming book, but I will eventually have to learn more about ebooks: the different formats, the best way to create them, and all that!

    1. Do you know you can get a free program for any kind of computer to read both Kindle and ePub digital books?

      I still prefer print, but anyone who can buy a digital book can read one because they already have a computer.

      I’ll write more about creating and selling digital books this week.

      1. I didn’t know that!

        I love print, and I’ve never really been interested in digital books until I realized it would be a great idea for me to create some.

        I can’t wait to read what you have to say about it!

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