I Think I’ll Take the Day Off

pause and reflectMonday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we drove 600 miles.

Each day.

Yesterday, I didn’t even know what day it was.

Today, I’m sitting in Phoenix while it rains.

In Phoenix. In late April.

Back home, we left 70 degree weather. Which turned to a day-long blizzard the next day.

Schedules are good. Habits are good. Plugging along, doing the work — also good.

Sometimes, though, it makes more sense to pause and reflect. Or just pause.

I’ll be back with my usual brilliance next Friday. In the meantime, if there’s something you’d love to see me write about, tell me about it down in the comments.

It’ll give me something to reflect on when I’m done pausing.

5 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Take the Day Off

  1. So, you came by New Mexico, and didn’t let me know? Shame on you. Lol Glad you’re enjoying your yearly trek. Have a safe trip. I’ll await your next post. Regards to beloved. Blessings.

  2. You’re in my native lands, Joel. I grew up in Mesa. I was a Mesa High Jackrabbit. Yes, that was our mascot. I guess when they built the school there were a bunch of jackrabbits around, so what logical mascot right?
    We always had pictures of a tough, muscle bound rabbit on print material. So silly.

    Say hi to my old stomping grounds.
    And save the water (you’ll need it later :)

    And take as many days off as you’d like. You deserve it.

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