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Is your dream to write a book that changes how people think? This is where it starts. Read on, or if you prefer (especially if you’re ready for your Pathfinding Session and Road Map) jump right down to the contact form.

If you work with me, my goal is not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

Okay, that’s not true. My real goal is to crush them to a fine powder, throwing them under Charon’s keel to drift down the River Styx, never to be heard from again. I want your expectations to know they don’t hold a candle to the reality I deliver. Ask any of these folks:

Joel, you are a jewel but then you probably have heard that before. I didn’t expect you to get back to me so quickly and with so much important information.


I am grateful you not only took the time to answer my questions (which very quickly went from a few to a few dozen), but you spent the extra time and went above and beyond to keep answering questions, pointing me to other posts/blogs/groups you thought would be good for me to investigate, suggesting books to help me with writing, and all the while offering a most precious gem of encouragement on top of everything else.

Truly, I cannot thank you enough. You are a wonderful person.


Kudos to Joel D Canfield!


Without Joel’s help my dream would not have become a reality.


You have changed my life. You have handed me a golden opportunity on a platter.


I always knew I could write a book, but without Joel’s help, I probably would never have done it.


With his coaching I put one foot in front of the other and took the steps to getting it done. My book was finished in 6 weeks!


Joel was consistent, reliable, understanding, pleasant and had genuine passion for my project. There is no doubt in my mind I will entrust Joel with my next writing project.


I wouldn’t have gotten that from someone else.


Thanks for all of your posts. I have learned a lot.


Please tell me about your writing project. I’d love to help you get it out of the someday box!

Use the form below, or call 715.296.0347 and Sue will make all the arrangements.

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