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Marathon, Not Sprint

Cliff Young
Cliffyoung1983. Via Wikipedia.
Immediately after urging Best Beloved to take it slower, consider her health, self-care blah blah blah, I started stressing about the post I’m supposed to write today about my Goodreads giveaway.

Pot. Kettle. Nobody here but us kitchen utensils.

I plan to get back to the Goodreads giveaway education I promised by next week, but today, I’m going to spill a bit about what we’re doing and why I’m taking it slow today.

Years ago, Best Beloved almost died of pancreas problems. Couple years later, she almost died of complications from the previous issues.

For 7 years, her primary symptoms have been fatigue, a lack of stamina. Past 6 – 9 months, it’s been extreme fatigue, general pain, and mental blur. Doctors are looking into everything from fibromyalgia to hepatitis. No reason for excessive concern yet, just do the research, find the source, and then decide what action to take.

My primary job in life is to care for her and our Little One. I’ve taken a hit myself, with multiple illnesses since my knee surgery 2 months ago. And then there’s the 2-edged sword of autumn: the glorious colors and lovely cooling weather, glued to the melancholy I can never turn off this time of year.

When 61-year-old potato farmer Cliff Young shuffled to the starting line of a 544-mile foot race wearing overalls and gumboots, the professional runners felt no threat.

He didn’t break the record that year.

He annihilated it.

In a sport where seconds count, he beat the previous record by two days. He also changed distance running as a sport: his method of shuffling nonstop is now the standard of distance races.

I get all excited about stuff and want to sprint toward the fun.

For a bit, it’s best I shuffle.

9 thoughts on “Marathon, Not Sprint

    1. It’s so hard for both of us to take things slowly. Sue’s a serious A type personality, and I’m a recovered B type which makes me fully capable of relaxing — and never starting again.

  1. I live in Arizona, its sunny and 99 degrees, its been triple digits for 3 months!!! We wish for cold and clouds, how ironic!

    1. Something about a real autumn like we never saw in California reminds me of people I’ve lost. The weather itself is super.

      Wish you were here to enjoy it. We could all take a long drive through the reds and golds and deep blue lakes. Well, not driving through the lakes. Though in a few months, we can drive on the lakes.

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