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Meanwhile, at Dave’s: Self Means Self

a-barcode-not-an-isbnAnother good article at Dave Bricker’s site about what self-publishing really means.

Also the beginnings of a conversation in the comment section about free ISBNs.

After I used up the 10 I bought from Bowker, I started using the free ISBNs CreateSpace offers. I don’t care who the publisher of record is. I care who’s credited with the intellectual property (and the payments.)

Other authors have tried to convince me that owning your ISBNs is the only professional route.

Until now, that’s been the whole argument: it looks more professional. Leaving off the rest of the sentence: to other authors. I don’t sell to authors, I sell to readers. Argument over.

Except, Dave makes some points we’re working through. Interesting points that have me thinking.

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, at Dave’s: Self Means Self

    1. Have not done that. As far as I can tell, registering copyright only gives you the right to take legal action in case of infringement. Has no bearing on ownership.

      Picturing worst case scenario: someone steals an entire book from me and gets rich and famous.

      I can’t sue them.

      I can publicly shame them. I can ride the coattails of their fame and steal it from them.

      Would I sue them? No. It just wouldn’t happen. Okay, on the one in a billion chance that someone got mega rich from stealing one of my books, I’d regret my inability to sue them.

      But spending money, time, and effort on every single book I publish in order to prepare for that infinitesimally small possibility? Waste of time, and focuses on fear instead of hope and other good stuff.

  1. Those were my thoughts about copyrighting too. It might be something to consider later if a book looks like it might take off, but right now…pass. This topic comes up often on LinkedIn, which I find curious, but that’s about it. Thanks for your input!

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