4 thoughts on “Mixing Up My Art

  1. Painting while listening to loud rock and roll. It doesn’t have to be a landscape painting; it can be a bathroom wall. Physically I get connected to what my hands are doing and the brush strokes. Mentally I’m thinking about other things, probably writing, while rocking to the music. I don’t recommend dancing while up on a ladder, but I have done it. I’m sure it’s a multitasking nightmare for some, but for me it’s like attaching jumper cables to my creative center. I have used this tactic a few times when I’m stuck on a part of a story. Jolts me right out of the rut every time.

    1. I just built a full-wall book case for our living room and my hands were desperate to continue. I have all the wood for a second smaller shelf, and I’m planning other projects.

      When I’m working with my hands I listen to all my Pandora stations on shuffle. Led Zeppelin, Tom Waits, The Bonzo Dog DooDah Band, Vivaldi, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Dwight Yoakam, Kate Rusby, all mashed together keeping my conscious distracted, overloading my corpus callosum so my unconscious can refresh itself.

  2. My other art? I draw, I paint, I’m working on a comic book… I painted the image I will use for the cover of my first book. Sometimes I play a bit of music, too… For me, it’s all related!

    I’m not just a writer, I’m an artist.

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