Please Do Not Spend One Penny on a Barcode

Nearly all the print on demand shops will sell you a barcode.

This might be the biggest waste of money in self-publishing.

Terry Burton’s free online barcode generator makes the process simple. (If you use it, tip Terry a few bucks.)

Barcodes aren’t magic, like the magnetic electroencoding on checks. They’re just lines. In fact, there are loads of fonts you can install on your computer to create barcodes by simply typing numbers or letters, and choosing that font. But for your book, Burton it. Easy, free.

Here’s a tidbit about barcodes: you probably don’t even need one.

They’re only useful for point-of-sale systems where somebody scans the physical book with radar. Or a laser. Or a sonic screwdriver. I forget.

Anyway, sales from Amazon don’t use the barcode. Sales you make personally don’t use the barcode. Digital books, I hope it’s obvious, don’t use the barcode.

Do I still put a barcode on my books? Yes.

Is that going to change eventually? Almost certainly.


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