Resolution (#12 of 12 Sentences)

#12 Resolution

#12 of only 12 sentences you need to define your entire novel.

The last big event in your novel is the Resolution, where your hero delivers the coup de grace, eliminating the antagonist as a threat.

While others might be involved, your hero needs to be the one who nails the bad guy. Your hero cannot be saved by someone else, by circumstances, by a god in the machine. Even if it’s indirect, a discerning reader should see that the events which took the antagonist down were set in motion, directed, driven by the hero.

This is the final change in our protagonist: they are now the Hero they weren’t at the beginning. They’ve grown from unwilling wanderer during Response, flailing and failing, becoming a warrior during the Attack, and finally, during the Climax and Resolution, becoming the master of the quest.

They return home, literally or metaphorically, forever changed.

If you’ve done your job as an author, so does your reader.

Write one sentence describing how your hero is the catalyst for the downfall of the antagonist.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap this package up and put a bow on it.

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