Self-Publishing Jump Start and Long Game

Writing to make a profit in 2013 requires either wild blind luck or choosing to write over-the-line sexual encounters. For this brief moment in history, books are a commodity: far more supply than demand.

Stick with it for 5 years, and the opportunists will have faded away or been pruned by market response.

For now, write because you have something to say. Word toward making a profit 5 years from now.

If you understand that self-publishing is a business which is connected to but not the same as the art of writing, you’re light-years ahead of many other authors.

photo by K Rayker

Yes, you’re in charge of it all. That doesn’t mean going it alone. There are book shepherds like me who can guide you through the process to help ensure you’re producing a quality book and not embarrassing yourself as many authors unfortunately do.

Begin by learning. You don’t have to spend a year learning everything, but read Dave Bricker’s blog. Read my blog. Read Joanna Penn, Jane Friedman, Seth Godin and see what the really sharp, forward-looking people are saying.

Prepare yourself for flak from the traditional publishing world. You will be told that a publisher should decide whether your book is good enough, that you can’t possibly publish without a professional editor, cover designer, etc. It’s all well-intentioned (okay, mostly well-intentioned) but the truth is, publishing is in the greatest state of flux since Gutenberg midwifed it 500 years ago.

Jump start now. Plan for a marathon.

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