This Story is Beneath You

A confused fan searches for one of my books
Almost two years ago I started my 6th novel. Plotting and planning, then writing like mad. Research, plot adjustments, pondering, and more writing like mad.

Somewhere along the way, it crashed.

More precisely, I crashed.

Flashback to Success

On November 11th of 2011 I released 6 books simultaneously. (11/11/11, get it?) In the previous 6 months I’d written (or compiled) 4 books and co-authored 2 more, all books about business philosophy and process.

I switched to fiction. Finally followed up my first Irish adventure novel with a second, then started another series, and a third.

It was like driving a Lamborghini steamroller.

Then, I got some professional advice.

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2 Ways Accountability Increases Awareness of Your Thinking Process

It’s easy to fool ourselves. Two specific ways we improve our thinking process when we feel accountable to someone else for our results:railroad_tracks

First, we’re more aware of the cues and clues we’re using to make decisions. The interplay between our conscious and unconscious is complex. As a result, the facts we think we’re using to reach conclusions aren’t necessarily the facts we’re really using. Accountability nudges us toward awareness of the cues and clues we’re actually using.

Second, we’re less likely to overestimate our accuracy. Studies show that we’re very likely to overestimate how accurate we are in our estimates and judgments. When we feel we’ll have to explain or defend our decisions, our improved thinking process reduces this tendency. It doesn’t make us more accurate, but it makes us more aware of how accurate (or inaccurate) our estimates are.

9 Sentences: Planning Your Story Without the Dread of Outlining

Cheryl Campbell

Cheryl Campbell

Continuing our conversation with author Cheryl Campbell

On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Cheryl Campbell <> wrote:
Hi Joel,I have signed up for KDP (not KDP select) and Smashwords. I have the book up on Smashwords and pending Premium Status approval. I was pretty OCD about following the Smashwords formatting guideline so I’m not expecting any issues there. I have the book loaded in draft form on KDP right now. I’m waiting for a few final sketches from the guy that also did the cover art to consider incorporating into the book before posting it there.

I know on Smashwords I can upload updated versions of the book. Does KDP offer this same service as seamlessly as Smashwords? I didn’t see or read anything yet on KDP about uploading new versions.

I’m a little baffled about getting the book to print. Createspace is a part of Amazon…do I have that correct? And they are print on demand service and post the print book thru Amazon? Before I signed up for a Createspace account I wanted to see if you had more info on them and any pros/cons to using them or another service.

There is a local publisher, well local to Maine, in Rockland, Maine Authors Publishing, and I would love to use them but they are really pricey. I want to use them because they’re Maine based and they offer good services, but the cost for the services is a bit crazy. They offer an editorial reading for $145 with some feedback on the overall book…not like “wow this is a great fantasy” but more like feedback on story flow, character development, etc. My beta readers thus far, one is fantastic. My other two I have yet to hear from. So I’m leaning toward getting a set of independent, non-friend, eyes on it. Is $145 reasonable for this service? Or is this also overpriced?

As always, thank you for your time.


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