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Jon Morrow of Copyblogger

Jon Morrow
Jon Morrow
If you’re tired of me parroting Tom‘s recommendations, you’d best turn your head away because here comes another one:

Jon Morrow is the agent provocateur who regularly kicks writer’s butts with his posts on not just thinking or talking about writing but actually taking writing risks and getting real work done. He was the associate editor of Copyblogger (a marketing/copywriting site I can’t recommend enough), and now throws lightning bolts from his site at Boost Blog Traffic.

Copyblogger, including Jon’s work with them, altered my perception of writing on the web. If you’re marketing without consulting Copyblogger and Jon Morrow, you’re making it unnecessarily hard on yourself.

Marketing Your Books in the New Age of Publishing

photo by BarbaraDin longer diatribe about marketing your self-published book. This is a year-long class, which I’d be glad to give if y’all are interested.

Publishing is in the greatest upheaval since Gutenberg. Supporters of traditional publishing will tell you it’s the only choice, or you’re not a real author.

I’ll take the opposing view: the only rational choice, from both the artistic and commercial perspectives, is to pick yourself, own the process, and reap the rewards. Here’s why:
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