Vicarious Experience (Story Engineering and Physics #11 of 12)

Part of a series of posts on story engineering based on the book of that title and its companion volume Story Physics.

Story Engineering & Story PhysicsIf your book makes me feel like I’ve participated in an experience I could never have in real life, but wish I could, it’s the single greatest indicator of whether I’ll read more of your work.

That’s both a blessing and a curse.

Blessing, because I’ll forgive all kinds of things from illogical plot developments to thinly-developed characters if, in the end, you took me on a ride I wanted to take.

Curse, because there are so many things that can yank me out of the magic place we’ve gone together, and suddenly, instead of fleeing thugs down a dark alley, I’m reading a book with a confusing or misworded sentence. Instead of having a chat with a flying unicorn, I’m reading a pointless description of how to shoe a flying unicorn.

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Is Theory Enough?

I’ve studied humanistic marketing methods extensively during the past decade. What I’ve learned changed my life, not just my business.

photo by Mikhail Lavrenov

In 2006 the company I worked for shut down, just as my Best Beloved came home from 4 months in the hospital after a near-death experience. After struggling for 4 years we gave up the home we were renting in order to house-sit, in part because we could no longer afford to pay rent and utilities. From that poverty, we’ve come to making a decent living in 2013. I’ll define “decent living” — we pay all our bills on time these days, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary with a loooong weekend in a bed and breakfast on the coast of Lake Michigan, and we’re planning a 3-month trip to Ireland some time in the next 18 months.

We don’t live an extravagant lifestyle, but we’re no longer poor, even by my humble standards.

Here’s what I haven’t done yet: applied that marketing expertise to selling my own books.

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