Housesitters for the Blog

photo by Bas van den Eijkhof’s my last post until the new year.

But you didn’t really think I could just ride off into the sunset without leaving a trusted deputy to take care of law and order while I’m out of town, did you? A whole team of ’em, in fact.

Watch for some guest posts here and there throughout my 3 week sabbatical.

No schedule. No warning. Serendipity.

Be kind to them. Comment, even a little more than y’all kindly do for me.

Inadvertent Hiatus

This is me, not being here.Apologies for disappearing like that. Spent the month of May traveling, and without intending to, shut off all my artistic outlets. No music, no writing, no studying, no blogging.

Next time I promise to announce my disappearance in advance, rather than having to apologize for it afterward.