Clearinghouse or Curator?

Baroque Rackett (a musical instrument)
Know why you’re making a racket
Word of mouth is powerful. It’s the backbone of social media marketing.

It’s easy to misuse if you don’t know your goal.

Quite common in some circles to tweet or post or pin and then ask the community to pass it along.

Before you do, ask yourself some questions:

  • Can you genuinely endorse this book or author or are you simply doing them a favor?
  • Will your followers know that?
  • Is that the right reputation for you?

If your aim is to be someone who is known for sharing; that you talk a lot about books and authors; you’re a hub, a town crier, then share far and wide. Be the town crier, the hub, the sharer.

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Engineering Best-Sellers (Are Your Pants on Fire?)

photo by martin louis has a new feature: people can pre-order your book, but the sales can be tallied all at once on launch day.

From the Smashwords blog:

During the preorder period, customers place advance orders. At some retailers such as Apple, these advance orders accumulate in the days and weeks prior to the official onsale date and then credit all at once on the date of release, which causes the title to spike in the retailer’s bestseller lists.

Here’s an easier method: if you want the label “best-selling author” why not just lie about it?
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