What is Your Writing Goal for Today, for This Project, for Your Life?

what are you aiming for?A subtle theme, more a motif, runs through my conversations with authors. When they talk about their writing, there’s one thing they don’t mention:

When it will be done.

There’s a reason this site is named Someday Box. A reason I chose Getting Your Book Out of the Someday Box as the title for that book.

“Someday” is not a goal. Someday is a dream, a vague notion. Sir Ken Robinson tells the story of chatting with a brilliant pianist whose name I can’t remember. Robinson said “I wish I could play like that.”

The pianist said something like, “No, you like the idea of playing like that. If you really wished you could, you’d be doing something about it.”

Do you want to be a writer or do you just like the idea?

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Yet Another Frustrating Author Belief: “I Will Get Picked or Die Trying”

I find this attitude so very frustrating.

Do not wait to be picked.

Do not wear rejection slips like badges of honor.

Most of all, sweet merciful heavens, do not go to your grave wishing you’d been allowed to write your book.

You do not need permission. There is no gate, only an open field awaiting all those with the good sense and courage to venture into it.

Don’t let fear dictate to your dreams.

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