Overcoming the Enormous Technical Challenges to Digital Conversion . . . is Already Done

Sigil. calibre (yes, with a lower-case first letter.) There’s even one called Hamster.

If you’ve ever searched for a tool to convert your manuscript to an ebook, you’ve come perilously close to drowning in geekness.

Stop. Step back. Put down the chainsaw; you don’t need one to make a toothpick. Especially if you already have a box of toothpicks.

making toothpicks
making toothpicks

Everything I say in the rest of this post will have exceptions. I’ll mention a few at the end, but if your manuscript doesn’t fall into the exceptions, don’t go to exceptional lengths to get the job done.

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Digital or Print? Both! Always Both!

chocolate or peanut butter?For some reason, one of the questions I’m asked most frequently is “Should I publish an ebook, or have it printed?”

Perhaps when I waded into self-publishing I was too ignorant to realize I needed to choose.

Turns out I was right: you don’t have to choose. In fact, doing both simultaneously is efficient and sensible. All the work of preparing your manuscript is the same, whether you’re preparing a digital or printed book. Writing, editing, proofreading: the words will be the same in any version of your book.

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Preparing Your Book for Kindle and Print

Some authors need to get through the whole publishing process on their own. A major challenge is getting your book ready for Kindle and for print.

Usually, though, that challenge is ignorance and fear: not knowing what to do.

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