Popped in to write today’s post and looked at the count under “Published Posts” — 300 posts, over a period of 3 1/2 years.

300Writers rarely pause to celebrate. Finish one, start the next. Draft done? Get editing! Social media sorted? Plan live events!

There’s loads of brain science research behind the power of small wins.

Tomorrow, I’ll give you that post about the failure of willpower.

Today, I’m celebrating 300 articles that help people I care deeply about, authors, you, do what refills their souls.

Jon Morrow of Copyblogger

Jon Morrow
Jon Morrow
If you’re tired of me parroting Tom‘s recommendations, you’d best turn your head away because here comes another one:

Jon Morrow is the agent provocateur who regularly kicks writer’s butts with his posts on not just thinking or talking about writing but actually taking writing risks and getting real work done. He was the associate editor of Copyblogger (a marketing/copywriting site I can’t recommend enough), and now throws lightning bolts from his site at Boost Blog Traffic.

Copyblogger, including Jon’s work with them, altered my perception of writing on the web. If you’re marketing without consulting Copyblogger and Jon Morrow, you’re making it unnecessarily hard on yourself.

10,172 Words of Free Marketing Advice About Marketing Free

Since going live in September of 2013 this has become my most popular post ever, by a wide margin. I’m updating it in May of 2015 and will give it a polish every quarter or so.

Marketing Tips & Tricks

Here’s that list of 13 27 posts. The first is at my personal blog. The rest are here at Someday Box.

  1. 5 Business Lessons Nobody Taught Me (But I Sure Wish They Had)
  2. Free: It’s Not a Price, It’s a Strategy
  3. Growing Followers
  4. Would You Like Someone to Sell Your Books for You?
  5. What Does It Cost to Make a Living as a Writer?
  6. You Don’t Want Fans of Your Book
  7. Why Authors Must Have a Blog
  8. But I Just Want to Write
  9. Marketing Your Books in the New Age of Publishing
  10. Book Marketing: The Long Game Wins
  11. 6 Quick Marketing Tips for Authors
  12. 4 More Quick Marketing Tips
  13. Engineering Best-Sellers (Are Your Pants on Fire?)
  14. If You Want Word of Mouth to Work You Have to Teach Your Fans How
  15. Advertising Only Amplifies Visibility
  16. 5 Ways to Provide the Fresh Blog Content Your Fans Crave
  17. 6 Tools to Help You Find and Develop Your Blogging Voice
  18. Marketing: No Budget? No Time? The One Thing I Would Do Is . . .
  19. You Are What You Measure
  20. 6,000 Copies Sold: But How?
  21. Personal, Anticipated, and Relevant: Keep Your Email List Up to PAR
  22. Do One Thing
  23. Free: Here, There . . . Everywhere?
  24. Marathon, Not Sprint
  25. Can’t Hurry Love. Or Marketing.
  26. The Magic Formula for Marketing Your Books
  27. Learn to Love Marketing, or Give Your Books Away (or Both)

It’s doubtful the book I originally envisioned here will ever see daylight.

But I’m willing to be convinced otherwise.

Repetition. Habit. Disruption. Pattern.

Looks like I consistently have a hard time posting on Sundays.

When habits fail we look at causes; disruption, patterns, outliers.

Sunday morning my schedule is different from Monday through Friday.

Ah ha!

Except, it’s almost identical to Saturday’s schedule, and I don’t have a problem posting Saturdays.

But I post on Saturday afternoon. And Sunday afternoon ends in supper at my Mom’s, which doesn’t happen Saturdays.

I think I need to dig some more.

What’s disrupting your habits? How does it affect your writing?

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