Marketing Your Books in the New Age of Publishing

photo by BarbaraDin longer diatribe about marketing your self-published book. This is a year-long class, which I’d be glad to give if y’all are interested.

Publishing is in the greatest upheaval since Gutenberg. Supporters of traditional publishing will tell you it’s the only choice, or you’re not a real author.

I’ll take the opposing view: the only rational choice, from both the artistic and commercial perspectives, is to pick yourself, own the process, and reap the rewards. Here’s why:
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Book Marketing: The Long Game Wins

photo by Fred Fokkelman who learn to love marketing will win in the long run. Marketing can feel like a slog through wet clay —wet clay flowing downhill, taking you with it. No matter what you do, how much time you spend in a million different social networks, nothing happens.

The solution is to play the long game. Persistence, not volume or brightness.
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Traditional Publishing as Religion

Religious Wars Rarely Advance Civilization: image by jorge vicente there are a few folks tied to traditional publishing who are willing to have a conversation, more and more, I see forum conversations turn into debates laced with ad hominem attacks and vague platitudes.

It’s good to be passionate about what you believe. If something is right, it’s right, even if only under these specific circumstances.

I’ve often said that my favorite response to my writing or speaking is disagreement. When someone thinks I’m wrong and says so, respectfully and clearly, one of two things will happen:
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The Future of (Your) Publishing – Guest Post by John Work

The Canal by John WorkJohn Work is an author. He posted this on a Linked In group and graciously gave permission for me to reprint it here. Emphasis throughout is mine.

I’m a self-published author, both in ebook and paperback print formats. I’ve been a member of this [Linked In] group for about a year. I’ve noticed that authors who are already traditionally published frequently tell writers who are considering self-publishing their works that traditional publishing is the only way to go – and that if the aspiring writer just sticks with it, sends enough quality manuscripts to agents or publishers, and keeps at it for five, ten or twenty years, that elusive contract offer will eventually come along. You just have to persist, or so I’ve read.

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Another Little Purple Book: “You Don’t Want a Job” Launches Friday

You Don't Want a JobThis Friday, July 27th, I kick off the virtual book tour for my 10th book, You Don’t Want a Job: Why Self-Employment Reduces Your Risks & Increases Your Rewards. It’s the latest Little Purple Book even though it’s orange.

I’ll be posting links to all the tour stops as they go live and I hope you’ll join my hosts and me.
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To the Self-Important Member of the Traditional Publishing Industry Who Wouldn’t Appreciate This

photo by dimitri_c a public forum today, I ran across a lengthy comment by a member of the traditional publishing industry.

I was enraged.

Since their comments made it clear they’re incapable of understanding this, and since I’d rather start a range war on my own soil, I thought I’d share my response here.

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