Questions to Consider When You’re Looking for an Illustrator

making the selectionWhen looking for an illustrator, you’ll need to think a bit like a visual artist. This doesn’t always come naturally to folks who create their art with words.

Here are the types of questions and concepts to consider and discuss with a potential illustrator.

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How Can I Serve You Better?

what can I fetch for you?
what can I fetch for you?
Now that I’m not pushing to write 4,500 words a day or driving 7,000 miles in a month, I’ll be writing more fresh content here.

(I do so enjoy those shouts of joy from the crowd. Thank you.)

What are you struggling with? What’s missing? What are you curious about or confused about?

That’s what I’ll be writing about.

C.S. Lakin: Write Better Stories By Asking These Questions

?I need these. You might, too.

  • Where is this scene taking place?
  • What is your character feeling right now?
  • What is the point of this scene?
  • What is your protagonist’s goal?

Lakin’s details make the questions meaningful. Read ’em.

Newbies: All Good Questions Do Fine

I tell every writer I meet they can ask me all the questions they want. A handful ask a couple questions, and I always learn something new from the answers I have to come up with.

Cheryl Campbell
Cheryl Campbell

Once in a while I meet someone with the childlike sponge of curiosity, and it makes my day. Er, week. Perhaps month, depending on how long Cheryl Campbell keeps coming up with these questions.

Cheryl introduced herself on Linked In a few weeks ago, and we’ve chatted so often that I have over 10,000 words of Q&A stored up. And the questions are so universal to neophytes in modern publishing that I’ll be spending all week sharing her questions and my answers with you. And in an uncharacteristic twist, rather than burning hours reformatting everything, I’m going to just paste the emails in her, raw and essentially unedited.
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