A Foolish Consistency?

rowhousesThat’s Emerson, by the way.

I read a post recently about keeping a “series bible” so you’d always get the minutiae right as you add more books to the series.

I take a different perspective. I’ll meander toward it.

First, an excerpt from my very first book The Commonsense Entrepreneur. It’s about musicians, but in most ways it applies to authors as well:

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Archie and Saul and Fritz and Fred and even Orrie: Nero Wolfe’s Family

photo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rex_Stout_1975.jpg by Jill KrementzJust as Rex Stout became a writer late in life, I became a fan of his writing late in life. Though I was already a teenager by the time A Family Affair was published as Stout’s last Nero Wolfe novel, I didn’t discover the books until I was in my fifties.

I have no interest in writing the definitive treatise on Stout or Wolfe. You can find ten times as many words as Stout ever wrote written about his writings with even a superficial search.

What fascinates me, what draws me to Stout, is my belief that he would have recognized some of himself in me. … more … “Archie and Saul and Fritz and Fred and even Orrie: Nero Wolfe’s Family”