What Are You Willing to Risk for Your Art?

Entrepreneurs love to talk about risk, especially the risks they take to bring their products and services to market.

They always seem to be talking about money. They invest heavily in their creation and if it doesn’t take off they could lost it all.

I have yet to hear one of these risk-takers say they’ll lose everything they own.

Even that isn’t what’s scary.

If running out of money is the worst thing you can imagine you don’t have much imagination.

Maslow's Heirarchy: the higher you go . . .

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Traditional Publishing Doesn’t Hate Self-Publishing So Why Should You?

“We’re very interested in self-publishing, this is a way we can spot talent,” says Victoria Barnsley, chief executive at HarperCollins.

“It helps take some of the risk away from us if we can actually see something is already working.”

That quote from an article at BBC News is one of the most sensible things I’ve seen written about the relationship of traditional publishers and self-publishing. A balanced and realistic article.